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Kourtier has deployed a state-of-the-art technology backed by efficient operations infrastructure to provide enhanced services to all its customers.
We do have tracking facility for all major hubs in Nepal. The data is readily available on the web for customer reference. Corporate customers are provided customized solutions to meet their service requirements and an efficient Management Information System MIS support to keep track of their large number of shipments effortlessly.
Online Email Update System(OEUS):
Kourtier Online Email Update System is already in place. For corporate and bulk customers, we provide the complete detail of every consignment including booking date, consigner, consignee, addresses, consignment detail, weight, reference, mode of carriage, consignment note number etc. booked on daily basis on registered email address of our customers.
Kourtier E-Notify is a web-based solution for priority services. To enable this service, customers need to mention the shipment numbers along with their email details for the types of notification they might prefer: Delivery, Exception, etc. Customers are notified on demand about the latest status of their consignments, whether they are delivered, held up, not delivered or Return to Origin (RTO) (based on customer’s choice).
Corporate & Bulk Tracker
Kourtier Corporate Tracker is a web-based tracking solution which is available only for corporate customers who provide bulk load in regular basis. Secure password are provided to customers to access the Customer Login portal for tracking their load status either for an individual consignment or for a specific period. Other than internet connectivity no other software installation is required to access the website.
Kourtier Multiple-Tracker is a unique Tracking solution mainly for the customer who needs to track multiple consignments at a time. The customer opens the browser and track up to 10 consignment explicitly by inserting comma in between the numbers. This makes the task hassle-free.
OBS (Online/Offline Booking Solution)
Kourtier OBS is a customized desktop-based complete booking, printing and forwarding solution. This solution helps the customer to book and print a huge number of shipments in a short time in the customers’ premises. This application needs the installation of the relevant software in a standalone desktop that has internet connectivity to synchronize the system data with Kourtier Web server. After the basic setup, this application runs even in an offline mode. It helps the user to print consignment stickers in different print formats on different printers. It is a Complete Book+Print+Pay Solution.
Kourtier MailRoom is a total mailroom solution which is capable of supporting small, medium and large corporate mailrooms. It is a client-based network enabled application. Customers need to install and configure this solution as per their requirements. It supports both inbound and outbound operations seamlessly. OBS comes very handy here.
Online Pickup Requests
Kourtier Web Pickup is a total online pickup solution for the customer. Customers need to submit pickup requests through the Kourtier web portal. On successful submission, the requests will be forwarded to the designated pickup office. Kouriter executives will pick up the shipment from customer’s premises within a stipulated time.

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