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Negotiable Instruments Collection

We provide services relating to collection of negotiable insturments like account payee cheque, drafts etc. to the clients having requirements of collection of such instruments from their dealer or counterpart on a regular timely basis and depositing it to their bank account. On receipt of collection advice, we collect these insutrments from the addresses mentioned and deposit to their bank account on same day basis. One of the best example of this service is one we are providing to IATA. There are travel agents registered with IATA which have to make payment to IATA on bimonthly basis. we send our collection executive to these agents on predefined dates and collect the cheques from them and deposit it to their bank account and update accordingly.

This service increases your efficiency and reduces your payment cycle which result in timely settlement of account with your debtors, better payment schedule to your creditors, increased cash avaibility. So if you are one tying to outsource your payment collection and focus on your core activity, this service is manufactured for you. We can further redesign it according to your actual requirement. For more information, please contact us.

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