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Why us?

üLargest network of more than 130+ stations
üGrowing Organisation-Professional Management-Fresh Blood!
üMore than one and half decades of dedicated reliable door to door service
üCustomization, personalization of service as per requirement
üBest quality team with collective experience of more than  3 Million Days
üTechnology First-Empowering Customers-Means Customer First
üFirst ever domestic courier company to use Barcode Technology
üFirst ever domestic courier company to provide online tracking solution
üFirst ever Courier Company to have ISO 9001:2008 Certificate for QMS
üOnly Domestic Courier to have its own office premises of 5000 sqft
üOnly Domestic Courier Company which has no partners results in faster decision making
üLowest employee turnover in the domestic express industry- Employer of first choice
üGood customer loyalty on the niche segment

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